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Commercial Cleaning

We Clean Commercial!

The cleanliness of your commercial building is important not just to the aesthetics, but also for the safety of your employees, customers, and tenants. Find out more about how quality building cleaning services can help you keep your property looking great.


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Importance of Maintaining a Clean Property

Pressure washing is an important part of commercial building maintenance. It can remove dirt, grime, and other build-up that can accumulate on the exterior of a building.

There are a few things we keep in mind when we wash a commercial building:

  • Doing test spots. This will help avoid damaging the building's exterior by ensuring the correct cleaning method is applied.

  • Using professional cleaning solutions at the proper strength to get the best results.

  • Being mindful of pedestrians and utilizing the proper safety procedures.

  • Having someone supervise the project, so that they can spot any potential problems and pivot if necessary.

Brick Buildings

Washing brick buildings can be very rewarding. After a while they become dull and accumulate dirt & grime. There’s a couple of approaches to cleaning brick: one would be to utilize an algicide to remove the buildup or organic growth such as the algae, black stains, and moss you see on the surface. The other approach that is sometimes required after an algicide would be an acid wash. This is done to remove mortar stains, efflorescence, and calcium deposits.

Concrete Cleaning

Keeping concrete walkways, ramps, and pads clean is something that some businesses may overlook. But when you’re trying to attract new customers to your business built-up grime can be a unaesthetic deterrent and safety hazard to potential customers. 

Parking Garages & Warehouses

Keeping a warehouse/workplace clean is essential to employee productivity and health. After a while dust from boxes can accumulate and cause respiratory issues. The build up of grease, oil, grime, and algae can cause hazardous working conditions as well.

Parking Garages need cleaning due to having high foot/vehicle traffic. Whether the property just needs a maintenance wash down or you need oil and rust stains removed we can handle it.

Apartment Complexes, Condominiums

When managing tenants, it’s important to keep things clean to avoid complaints and potential headaches. Whether it be that the buildings siding has become green, and algae infested, or that the sidewalks, and walkways have become grimy and dark you can count on someone complaining.



-Store Front & Plaza Cleaning

-Facade Cleaning


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    We carry full liability insurance!
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    We quote based on the size(sq/ft) of the area and adjust according to the difficulty of the cleaning.

George is the consummate professional and his services are worth it. We called one afternoon, got an estimate a day later & power washing done 2 days after that. He and his team are honest, reliable and courteous. I would highly, highly, highly recommend George & his team and I’d refer them to everyone I know. I give them a 10+, truly a 5 star establishment.

- Mike V

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